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Add a CMS to any existing website
The CMS that makes you content


Easy for clients

No software or app to install, no manuals. Just easy to understand essential options, nothing more. Error reducing innovations, the ease of MarkDown combined with minimal WYSIWYG. Local preview.

Easy for sitebuilders

Just copy and paste one line of code into your page(s). Compatible with any website. No configurations, no interference with your style. No server requirements, no database needed.


Innovative image galleries included, 24/7 editable by clients. With unique automatic pre-upload optimisation of images, automatic thumbnail generation, masonry view and high quality lightbox.


Works with any website; plain HTML, static, jamstacked or dynamic (incl. WP). Modern web component. High quality CDN hosting included.
The only technical requirement for you and your clients: a web browser.

Upgrade your offer

Tick all the boxes by including a professional CMS with innovative galleries in your offers. Now your clients can change texts and photos instantly without your help.

Get a full working trial, for free:

CMSinSite is available for € 50 excl. tax per year, professional CDN hosting included.
Get a free 30-days trial that stops automatically.
Free trial

The only CMS you can explain to your grandma.