##### How does this help work? - Select the main section left - then click at on of the items on the right. - Click below: __Start with these steps__
How to start?
##### STEP 1 Personalize the accommodation 1. Go to the icon bar on the left of your screen and click at 'Accommodations'. 2. Click at 'Accommodation 1' to open its settings. 3. Change the name. 4. Enter the default price per day.* 5. Define the max. guests your accommodation can host.* ##### STEP 2 Preview to see how it will look 1. Click 'Preview' (right top) to check if the minimum is Ok. 2. Don't loose yourself in the details, you can allways change it later. ##### STEP 3 Put the booking button/availability calendar/search bar on your website 1. Go to the accommodation. 2. Scroll down to the section 'integration in your site' and make your choice. 3. Select your editor. 4. Follow the instructions tailor-made for your editor. * Not available in the lite version.
Mainmenu functions
##### BACK Will save all changes and return to the dashboard overview, with all your applications. ##### SAVE Will save all changes. ##### PUBLIS/SYNC A click on the Publish/Sync button will synchronize the data in the dashboard with the public data (on your website). - New reservations will become visible in the overview. - Changes made in the dashboard will be made publically visible. - Deleted bookings will disappear.

The overview
Here you can find all your reservations. Click a date to add or edit a booking. Click 'Publish/Sync' to get the newest bookings too.
Add/Delete/Edit a booking
##### Add a booking If you want to make a full booking, including all price calculations e.a., please go to your site and use the book button, like you are a guest. If you want to make a quick reservation, click / drag the selected dates and enter the minimal required data. ##### Delete a booking Click at the booking and select the trashbin icon. ##### Edit a booking Click at the booking and select the note icon. In the popup you can edit the earlier made reservation.
##### Differences calendar Live vs Dashboard The Live calendar shows different reserved dates than the Dashboard calendar. This is the result of the different purposes; The live calendar shows the departure day as free (bookable) to invite people to book this day. The Dashboard calendar shows the same departure day as booked, as the guest still occupies part of this day. If you have a guest leaving at the 10th and a new guest is arriving at the 10th you'll see two bookings/guests at this day. This is perfectly normal, you can see it as a change-over day. ##### Receiving bookings per email All message are send by ''. This is a professional configured messaging system, with valid certifcates, DKIM en SPF records. Nevertheless, add this email address to your Whitelist to prevent it will be classified as spam. ##### Double bookings If a guest selects payment method X and this method fails, the guest can go back and select another payment method (to save the booking). If 'Direct Reservations' is active, this behaviour will result in a double booking for the same guest. The differences are: a new bookingID and a changed payment method field. Please delete the failed booking manually.

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Here you can configure up to 10 accommodations. When you are done, scroll to 'integrate into your site', make a slection and you will be given the code that can be pasted into your website. __Tip__ Use the 'Preview' buttons regularly. The popup is exactly like the one that will be used at your site, actualised without the need of clicking 'Publish/Sync' first. __Tip__ Complete your first accommodation before switching to the next. This way you can use the 'Import' button, for the other accommodations, to copy all the settings from the first accommodation.
Add/Edit/Delete an accommodation
##### Add a accommodation - Pricing options - Differences per season - Discounts - Checkout options - iCal import/export ##### Delete a accommodation - Remove the code for the booking button from your website ##### Edit a accommodation
Integration in your web site
The availability calendar, search bar and booking system can be integrated into any website by copying and pasting a code into the editor of your website. This is only required once per accommodation. Any changes in its settings afterwards are updated automatically. The booking module will follow the language that is set by the page (HTML lang=), or if this fails, the language that is set by the browser of the guest. You can overrule this by selecting a hardcoded language here. If you use Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Jimdo, Wordpress Classic, Wordpress Gutenberg or Wordpress Elementor you'll see tailormade instructions. If you use another editor, select 'Generic'. Only if this doesn't work, select 'Iframe'. _More technical information:_ Technical information for sitebuilders
How to sync with ... ##### AIRBNB: How do I sync my Airbnb calendar with another calendar? ##### BOOKING.COM: Syncing your calendar to third-party calendars ##### HOMEAWAY / VRBO.COM: Import a calendar to sync with your reservation calendar ##### TRIPADVISOR / FLIPKEY: How can I connect with other calendars? (for owners)

More FAQ items

In this section you'll find 'site wide' settings, valid for all accommodations.
#### IBAN __Requirements:__ - a bank account with an IBAN number - the SWIFT code of your bank __How does this work?__ Enter the codes in the SETTINGS section. Check if the texts at MESSAGING are OK. If not, click to make changes in multiple languages. In the checkout your client can choose IBAN to pay the (pre)payment of their booking. If DIRECT RESERVATIONS is activated, a booking will be directly fixed in the calendar. Nobody else can reserve the same accommodation for these dates. You have to check the actual payment with your bank account. #### PayPal Overview of all supported payment methods: __Requirements:__ - a free PayPal account - the e-mail address that is known with PayPal - the CLIENT-ID (see your PayPal dashboard - more instructions) __How does this work?__ In the checkout your client can choose PayPal/Credit card to pay the (pre)payment of their booking. PayPal offers multiple local payment options like SOFORT, iDEAL, etc. If DIRECT RESERVATIONS is activated, a booking will be directly fixed in the calendar. Nobody else can reserve the same accommodation for these dates. The actual payment will be instantly received into your PayPal account. __PayPal IPN__ If you use PayPal IPN - your booking data will be upgraded with additional information about the payment/client AND your client will receive a confirmation message noted as Z) in the MESSAGING section. You can simply activate PayPal IPN in your PayPal dashboard: - go to PayPal Account settings - go to PayPal Website payments - click 'update' at 'Instant payment notifications' - select 'Cart Checkout' - enter the following Notfication url: - select 'enabled' and click 'save' #### Mollie An overview of available payment methods can be found here. __Requirements:__ - a free Mollie account - an API key (see your Mollie dashboard) Enter the requested data and select all the payment methods you want to show during the booking process. Only previously activated payment methods will be shown. If DIRECT RESERVATIONS is activated (recommended), a booking will be directly fixed in the calendar. Nobody else can reserve the same accommodation for these dates. The actual payment will be instantly received into your Mollie account. N.B. Please check the actual payment status of each booking in your Mollie dashboard. If you don't use DIRECT RESERVATIONS you have to manually register the selected dates after receiving a payment. There may be a few days between the time of booking and the final payment (bank transfer). During these days the same period can be booked by third parties. This can lead to double bookings.
##### Available fields You can change the content of the messages. Enter at least an english text. This variant of the text will be displayed if no other text is available. You can use the following fields in your messages: |field |function | |---|---| |{total} |grand total reservation = Total of __all__ costs. Including discounts, checkout options, etc. | |{paytotal} |Amount to pay. Equals {total} unless a deposit is active, then equals the amount set in SETTINGS - DEPOSIT. | |{accommodation} |Name of the accommodation | |{lastname} |Family name of the client | |{prename} |Pre name of the client | |{phone} | The phone number of the client | |{email} | The email address of the client | |{orderid} |Booking ID code | |{obj} | The number of the accommodation (starts at 0) | |{lang} | The language code (en/fr/nl/de/it/pt/es/pl) | |{iban} | Your IBAN number | |{swift} | The SWIFT code of your bank | |{bookingfrom} | Your company name | __Tip__ First, configure your payment options. The choices you make there will determine which texts are relevant here. __Tip__ If you messed up this section you can consider to replace all texts by its default by clicking 'Reset to default'
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